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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hunters Point Open Studios, spring 2008

I've raved about the Hunters Point Open Studios before, and since I just went last fall I was a little afraid that there wouldn't be much new to see this spring and that I'd be bored.

Didn't happen. This Sunday I spent most of my afternoon at the old Hunters Point Shipyard looking at the work of artists whom I'd never seen before at all, either because they were new tenants, they hadn't opened their studios the past times I'd attended (not everyone participates every time), or they were borrowing space from other resident artists who weren't showing this spring.

Here's a sampling of the new art I really liked...

Sharon Beals
I really liked her nest series, which you can see on Flickr. The small pictures are great but don't do justice to seeing the truly stunning large-format prints she was displaying in her studio.

Zabrina Tipton
Zabrina's San Francisco Urbanscapes appealed to me both because of the familiar hometown sights and because the saturated colors and posterized look evoked some of the 1970s pop art I grew up looking at in magazines.

Rebecca Haseltine
Haseltine makes her “pourings” using pigments and water, achieving an interesting effect on a translucent mylar that's almost incandescent when displayed in front of a window.

Leslie Lowenger
I liked a couple of the prints by this artist, especially the one pictured above.

Alan Mazzetti
I usually prefer abstract painters to strictly representational, and Alan Mazzetti's didn't disappoint. I especially enjoyed his Foils series, inspired by wine, and talked with him about the interesting characteristics of viewpoint and motion exhibited in his Probabilities series.

David Goldberg
I talked with David about traditional photography and his adept use of multiple exposures. I couldn't find him on the web, though.

Kathryn Kain
I may have mentioned Kain before, but she was displaying two large pink works from 2006 (I think) that were stupendous. Since they were predominantly pink, it was amazing that I loved them so much, since that's my least favorite color. Unfortunately they're not on her website, and there's nothing else featured there that I particularly like.

I also saw jewelry by two artists I really liked, which is rare since I'm not interested in most jewelry. Many of the pictures on their respective websites don't really do justice to their work, but in person they were fabulous.
Josie Adele –

Even though I've mentioned them before, I'm going to feature these two artists whose work continues to blow me away.

Ivy Jacobsen

Kim Smith

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