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Saturday, July 19, 2008

All fall down

Tom Kirsch's hobbies include playing drums in a metal band, rock climbing, and taking lots and lots of pictures of abandoned buildings. His site,, concentrates mostly on prisons and mental institutions around New England, many of which have stood empty and decaying for decades.

"Once a building no longer serves its purpose, and all of its functionality ceases to exist," he writes, "it becomes truly fascinating. Each room is transforming into something new at its own rate, yielding to the forces of nature as it reclaims man's creation."

If you've seen much of my own photoblog, you probably know I have a bit of interest in urban decay too. On our recent New England trip, I spied a falling-down old brick building while we were driving through Rochester, New York, and I detoured back to take a bunch of photos of the exterior. If Velma hadn't been waiting patiently in the car for me, I would've gone in and spent an hour poking around and taking pictures in the half-demolished old structure.

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