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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Top 5

“The Streets of San Francisco” might get remade
This was a great show, and it looks like CBS might remake it. The original made a star of Michael Douglas. But the best part was the theme song. Even today it still starts playing in my head whenever I drive around the hilly parts of SF. I need to burn the song to a CD and keep in it my car's player at all times.

Trailer for the biopic of the most unpopular president in history, by Oliver Stone.

Save Polaroid
Polaroid announced early this year that the company would cease making instant film. It’s a shame that this unique and distinctive photographic medium will go the way of the dodo. But you can do something about it.

Ani DiFranco
I've never really been much of a fan of Ani DiFranco; while I like some of her songs, and I greatly respect her socio-political views and her DIY work ethic, I just never really liked her voice much. The interview with her on “City Arts & Lectures” was worth it, though. Unfortunately, the program doesn’t make downloads or streams available of past shows, so unless you catch the show some time on a rebroadcast, I guess you're outta luck : \

Walmart's growth
A map that animates the stunning spread of Walmarts across the U.S.

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Blogger ynnej said...

Your photo for today ("one floor down") may be my favorite yet. Pretty pretty pretty.

8/09/2008 02:36:00 AM

Blogger espd said...


Why? I thought it was a somewhat interesting perspective, but no more.


But thanks.

8/09/2008 08:28:00 PM

Blogger ynnej said...

Eh, different strokes, I suppose.

8/10/2008 11:03:00 AM


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