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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Top 5

Did Coldplay rip off Joe Satriani?
A music theory analysis for the musician dorks. And then there’s this little twist.

Pictures of baby animals from zoos and aquariums.

Zia McCabe (of The Dandy Warhols) on being a Rock N Roll Mama
From a still-in-production documentary called, you guessed it, Rock N Roll Mamas. Here’s more.

Sea Forts
They’re just cool.

University of Washington and Adobe Systems are presenting a new technology called Zoetrope that allows people to, among other things, browse a web page over time [video]. Meaning you can skim through the last 50 or 100 front pages of the New York Times, and see what’s changed over time. It works with portions of a page too [article], so you can compare two or more things on the same page over time, or even on different sites!

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