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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thursday Top 5

Mac vs. PC: More than meets the eye
Great SFX short. See the large, HD version here.

Lemmy, the movie
Someone’s making a documentary about one of rock ’n’ roll’s baddest bad-ass. Need I warn that Lemmy is never safe for work?

Farewell Mr. President
See all the farewell videos on the YouTube channel. You have just 19 days to add your own. (Hooray!)

Herzog and the Monsters
Lesley Barnes uses an interesting animation technique, although it’s a bit hard to follow the story this way. The crappy YouTube video compression doesn’t help matters.

USPS offers free mail-in e-cycling
Got a new mobile phone for xmas? Get rid of those unwanted small electronics for free, using the USPS’s recycling program.

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