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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Top 5+1

I first wrote about this band in 2005 when Sony music was threatening them and shut down their website. Beatallica does live mashups of Beatles and Metallica songs, done in the style of Metallica. It’s pretty awesome. They have a bunch of videos on their site if you want more.

Where creativity comes from
Don’t drink it! It’ll blow your head off!

We Are All the Machine
I posted this a couple years ago. But it’s still awesome.

“Organic” vs. “Natural” Food
It pays to know the difference between “organic” and “Certified Organic.” Your “All-Natural” breakfast is probably not in the least bit sustainably-made. There is no government regulation on most of the healthy-sounding terms food distributors are allowed to put on their products. In other words, it could be totally legal for Hostess to claim Twinkies are a “natural food.” is now free
United Feature Syndicate is finally offering all its comics, including years of archives, for free at This includes editorial cartoons, The Born Loser, Monty, Dilbert, and 50 years of Peanuts. They have reportedly also updated their RSS feeds to include the actual comics, instead of just links to them.

Daytum facilitates the counting and communication of daily data, allowing you to track and display any metric, from bird-watching statistics to the concerts you’ve attended.

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Blogger fwegan said...

About that organic vs. natural bit -- while everything in that video is technically true, there's some truly scary shit that goes on in commercial organic farming that is still deemed acceptable by the USDA -- stuff like using Foster Farms' anti-biotic-ridden manure. On the other side, there are lots of small farms (Green String included) that don't spring for the pricey "organic" certification but are far more sustainably managed than the big guys.

I think the real answer is to leave the supermarket behind entirely and only get food from people you can trust. No government stamp can substitute for that.

1/24/2009 02:07:00 PM


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