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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday top 5

Mind the crevasse
Pavement art inspired by Julian Beever. View some high quality photos of the installation in the video, plus another cool (hot?) one, at the Daily Mail.

A Charlie Brown Heavy Metal Christmas
[via Diane RW]

Facebook Fever
A good follow-up to the article I linked to a week or two ago about things everyone should know Facebook privacy settings. [via Jeanne B.]

Follow Cost
If you’ve ever had a people you on Twitter who just post waaay too much, you can use this little web app to see their average daily number of tweets. I’m seriously considering unfollowing this one guy who drowns everyone else out with an average of 24.52 daily tweets.

We Refuse
“We don’t want any federal bailout. We don’t want any reward for irresponsible behavior in our market. We don’t want artificial support of any kind for our market...” Unit Interactive refuses to participate in the recession. Hear hear!

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