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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I’ve been doing (Feb 2009)

If you missed the previous ones and you want to bore yourself to tears, here’s list #1, list #2, list #3, and list #4.

List #5, started January 31:
  • Uploaded some more screenshots of cool web designs to Flickr.
  • Designed a logo for the SIlicon Valley Water Conservation Awards.
  • Gave Jenny and Chris a ride back to the farm they’re working at in Petaluma, and stayed for dinner.
  • Worked a ton more on my portfolio, including going through many years’ worth of designs done while at and
  • Spent a couple hours exploring
  • Collected quotes about Ozark Handspun from the web.
  • Designed two new Ozark Handspun print ads.
  • Gave some input to Scott L., who was looking for feedback on a logo design.
  • Made some tweaks to my logo for the Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards.
  • Tried for a third time to find a solution to Blogger’s broken feeds on my blog. Finally fixed it.
  • Researched how/where to best recycle my old mobile phone, did a hard reset to make sure all the data was wiped, removed the SIM and memory cards, and printed a shipping label to send it to Environmental Media Association’s fundraising program which utilizes Electronic Recyclers International.
  • Downloaded and tried out a couple new Mac diagnostic, repair, and optimization apps: CheckUp and SpeedTools Utilities.
  • Ordered 8 GB of RAM to put in my four empty slots. I’ve been running this computer on far too little RAM (less than a third of its’ max!) for far too long, and the latest versions of Firefox and Photoshop have been incredibly sluggish, so it was time for a relatively inexpensive upgrade ($185 at Other World Computing is a lot cheaper than a whole new computer).
  • Also ordered and installed a 1 GB module for Velma’s iBook.
  • Spent a lot of time perusing the website of a company I’d really like to work for.
  • Deleted 125 stores from Ozark Handspun’s retail page, and added 10 new ones.
  • Spent a few hours playing with iPhoto’s new capabilities.
  • Tried numerous things to fix Velma’s iPhoto, which keeps crashing.
  • Cleaned the cat box.
  • Vacuumed a bit.
  • Coded a lot.
  • Thought a lot, and tried to remember to make notes on most of it.
  • Went briefly to a Chinese Hew Year party at a neighbors’ house. We didn’t really know anyone but the neighbors, who we don’t know that well either, but I really wanted to see the inside of their awesome house. It’s a brilliantly done modern remodel. Made me want to move again/more.
  • Bought Velma the three-in-one-volume version of an antique book she’d wanted (I got her the cookbook volume before, but because of a miscommunication I didn’t know she wanted all three).
  • Went to Markleyville for a long weekend, to play in the snow with Velma, Christine, and Anthony. And two dogs and a cat.
  • Made a cool template in Photoshop that allows me to make photo-realistic pictures of documents as if they were spread open on a tabletop. Using in the portfolio.
  • Went to Stacey’s Books before they closed, then went to see Coraline in RealD with Velma.
  • Made some digital illustrations.
  • Went to Compostmodern 09.
  • Organized all the hard-copy notes that I’ve made over the past 4.5 years, planning my website’s redesign. I cut them all into logical pieces, since there were often random bits on all sorts of scraps of paper, and taped them into a notebook in a more usable order, where I can continue making more notes.
  • Sent a list of software title ideas to my friend Jason who edits the Download Dispatch Mac newsletter for CNET.
  • Did some research online.
  • Voted in the AIGA board elections.
  • Did a quick edit of some sheep and goat photos Velma took, for someone who was writing an article about Ozark Handspun.

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