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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Top 5

Danny MacAskill
This is called trials riding. In my early mountain biking days Jason and I used to play at this sort of stuff, although he was waaaay beter than me; he even competed once or twice. I wasn’t serious about it. The height of my ability was to balance-ride along a ten-foot-long, six-inch-wide curb. We had a friend at De Anza, though, named Peter, who was possibly as good as the guy in this video. A couple of tricks are death-defying. The tree trick alone (wait for the second time it’s in the video) sent shivers up and down my body and practically made me faint. The cool song is by Band of Horses; check ’em out, they’re really good.

Awesome Firefox add-on.

Amazing paper cut artist. She makes other cool stuff too.
Happy Cog is redesigning, and inviting the community into the process. The current is a bit clunky, and if they can come up with something as good as the site, I'll be satisfied. I trust Happy Cog will come up with something good. Check out three of the contenders now.

28-Hour Day
Oh man, I really need to adopt this.

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You read the small print on that xkcd one?

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