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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Top 5

Quimby The Mouse by Chris Ware
An animated short produced for the recent “This American Life – Live!” broadcast. Best viewed in fullscreen mode. [3:30 min]

Bill O’Reilly Flips Out
Who ever said Bill O’Rielly has anger management issues? I guess he’s not a Sting fan.

Bathtub IV
A video using the tilt shift photography technique which makes the subject look like miniatures models. Combined with timing that makes it look like stop-frame animation, this makes a particularly interesting short film. Watch it in fullscreen, it’s really cool.

GoodGuide is a recommendation service focused on “safe, healthy, and green products.” It will tell you what chemicals are in your toothpaste, or if your socks are made with sweatshop labor. There’s an iPhone app as well, so you can check on items when you’re out shopping.

E Magazine’s Earth Talk column
The site’s design is atrocious, but this has long been one of the most informative columns around. It’s a Q&A format, so you send in an environmental question and their experts track down the answers for you, almost always in great depth. Very informative.

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