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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What I’ve been doing (Apr 2009)

list #1
list #2
list #3
list #4
list #5
list #6

List #7, started April 1:
  • Sorted and organized a bunch of my portfolio stuff to take photos of it, prioritized piles, and started taking more pictures. Doing studio photography with jury-rigged equipment on my kitchen table is not ideal, but it gets the job done. It also gives me a back ache (table’s too low!).
  • Added more projects to the new portfolio. Made a bunch of code changes.
  • Did more work on my latest contract job for Fitbit. They posted a couple of the screens on their blog. I didn’t devise their logo or the original design of the site, I’m just iterating off it and adding UI and functions.
  • Hung out with Jenny and Aaron for a while one afternoon talking art and stuff.
  • Drove Jenny back to the farm in Petaluma, just in time for dinner. Picked Velma up on my way home, after her meeting.
  • Completed some more case studies for the portfolio.
  • Encountered a problem with my old G4 tower that required me to open up the patient and reset its PMU switch.
  • Paid bills.
  • Wrote a letter (by hand) to Olya in Australia.
  • Applied for a few jobs.
  • Revised an ad for Ozark Handspun, sent it off to the publisher.
  • Cleaned the cat box.
  • Sliced and prepped Fitbit design assets for production before leaving town.
  • Updated my PowerBook’s OS X software and backed up my email.
  • Contacted an old HS friend who lives in Kansas City to see if she’d be anywhere near the middle of the state while Velma and I were in town.
  • Published post-dated Thursday Top 5s for the time I’d be out of town.
  • Packed for our trip.
  • Bought Ben Folds tickets.
  • Went to Missouri for a week. Did lots of stuff there. I’ll have to make a separate entry later for that list.
  • Lost my keys somewhere between SF and Missouri.
  • Fixed a few things around the house: Glued a broken coffee mug and watering wand, plied out Velma’s pepperspray holder that she’d jammed in the wrong way.
  • Did laundry.
  • Called and/or emailed about nine different agencies and locations in two cities/states (airport police, BART lost and found, TSA lost and found, airlines, et al) to see if anyone had turned in my keys.
  • Made a Google Profile.
  • Called my domain registrar to sort out an issue with four expired domains and get them back (with a hefty fee tacked on by the bastards at the .com über-registrar Verisign).
  • Cancelled our VOIP land line.
  • Did some weeding in the garden.
  • Researched databases again.
  • Applied for a few jobs, did a few phone interviews.
  • Put together some samples of my work (of things that aren’t in my portfolio yet) to send to potential employers.
  • Finally made some Moo cards.
  • Reorganized some of my books, records, and stuff.
  • Had dinner with and talked for a while with our friend Scott, who we put up for a couple nights while he was in town for a nonprofit technology conference.
  • Re-sent a notification to an advertiser who neglected to download the ad I sent before the download link expired.
  • Took some quick photos of a few books I have that may have been interesting to a guy who restores/produces first edition book jacket reproductions. Bought a few from him too.
  • Tried once again to get a pound of kona coffee from the one nearby cafe that carries it. They are closed more than half the times I go there, even in the middle of the day, often with the “Open” sign still on in the window. This time they were open, but out of kona again `,: /
  • Deposited checks at the credit union.
  • Kept this list, added links to it, and posted it.

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