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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Top 5

Paperclip lamp
Just because it’s cool.

Minty Forest
Josh and Nina each took a photo every day in 2008, neither one knowing what the other was working on. Each morning, they posted their photos on Minty Forest side by side.

Creative dance/fight sequence (!) directed by Anthony Alba. This is the sort of creative film-making I really think sites such as YouTube are perfect for. Oh, and the pink kitty’s pretty nice too ; )

Eoin Colfer discusses writing And Another Thing...

The All-For-Nots
A funny (web-based?) show taking an all-too-real look at the life of your average band. And I mean average. Example: The self-important singer starts off their “Northeastern tour” (first gig is a club show which seems to have an attentive audience of about 4, judging by the applause) with “Thank you for letting us ROCK YOUR MONDAY!” Hah! Seems well-written. They’ve got the all the typical characters down: the frontman who thinks he’s the only creative force in the band just because he writes most of the songs; the attractive bassist who’s in it for the chicks; the jobless hanger-on who follows the band on the “big” tour; the attorney-rock-star-wannabe who’s leaving his job and fiancee behind to follow a dream; and the over-charismatic and under-competent manager who’s going to convince everyone The All-For-Nots are the next big thing, doing whatever it takes (such as turning the band into a reality show). The scripts are well-written: See if you pick up the “omnivorous presence” quip; slides by if you’re only half-listening. I used to see all these characters regularly when I was in the music industry, so I laughed heartily at several spots in this video. [Note: Player above is just an image because’s stupid embedable player auto-plays and I know people hate that.]

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