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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thursday Top 5

Women in the world of gaming
Interesting presentation on how women are treated by the games industry.

Boop beep boop boop
Big things have happened for Meekakitty/Tessa since the last time I listed one of her videos in the Thursday Top 5. She won $100,000 in a competition on YouTube (which she said she’ll use for college and to take her mom on a vacation to Prague) and she just recently produced this video sponsored by and featuring Google’s Nexus One.

Five-star hilarious. [via Jenny]

“Welcome to Canada”

Two of my all-time favorite comics artists
All Bloom County strips are being reissued with lots of notes and extras, in five new volumes (here’s volume 1). To celebrate, here’s an interview with Berkeley Breathed in Vice magazine. And I’ll throw in a brief interview with Bill Watterson.

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