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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The photoblog is back

In preparation for the shutdown of Blogger’s FTP service in a little over a month, I’ve started the long process of converting all my blogs to WordPress. This is a rather involved process, as it first requires doing several things that aren’t even related to the blogs.

For example, my web host, Media Temple, has been urging me to upgrade to their Grid-Service for over a year, and I’ve been putting it off. However, in order to take advantage of MT’s one-click WordPress installation capability, I had to do the migration first. So I did that over the weekend, and it went without too many hitches; I had to reset a bunch of passwords and some other paths and things, plus my two Pixelpost photoblogs (mine and Velma’s) broke. It took me a couple more nights (Monday and Tuesday) to fix mine, and I’ll get to Velma’s photoblog soonish.

To fix it, I had to reinstall the Pixelpost software and move it to a new directory, hook up the new installation to the old MySQL database containing all the old photos, thumbnails, and metadata, and then copy all the old images and thumbs over to the new directories.

I haven’t had time to check through it much, and my old template doesn’t work anymore so I’m just using a basic one that comes with the Pixelpost ZIP (it’s pretty good though). However, upgrading the Pixelpost software did fix my commenting system and the browse function, so you can look at my photos by category again. Like “green,” for example.

So, update your bookmarks — from now there’s a new URL for my photoblog, Fun With Light:

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