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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Top 5

“You bastard! You’ve summoned the fail whale!”
Hilarious! This is for Velma (and anyone else) who doesn’t get the appeal of Twitter. [4:24 min]

Real-life Twitter
lol. [1:20 min]

Stephen Colbert survives a close shave in Iraq
“The Colbert Report” was broadcast live from Iraq this week, and the first show kicked off with guest Ray Odierno, Commanding General, Multi-National Force – Iraq. During the interview, President Obama dropped in via satellite and ordered General Odierno to shave Colbert’s head. [23:42 min, 3 commercials]

Food, Inc. [3:31 min]

Facebook Manners and You
Lolz, this is brilliant. Mind your Facebook manners or ya might end up in the slammer. [4:14 min]

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday top 5

Mind the crevasse
Pavement art inspired by Julian Beever. View some high quality photos of the installation in the video, plus another cool (hot?) one, at the Daily Mail.

A Charlie Brown Heavy Metal Christmas
[via Diane RW]

Facebook Fever
A good follow-up to the article I linked to a week or two ago about things everyone should know Facebook privacy settings. [via Jeanne B.]

Follow Cost
If you’ve ever had a people you on Twitter who just post waaay too much, you can use this little web app to see their average daily number of tweets. I’m seriously considering unfollowing this one guy who drowns everyone else out with an average of 24.52 daily tweets.

We Refuse
“We don’t want any federal bailout. We don’t want any reward for irresponsible behavior in our market. We don’t want artificial support of any kind for our market...” Unit Interactive refuses to participate in the recession. Hear hear!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Top 5+1

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags
Simply brilliant.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized
A pretty good visual explanation of a very complex situation. The guy who put this together has some other cool stuff on Vimeo.

Tourists reenacting the cover of Abbey Road
This time-lapse video was mildly interesting until 1:34, when I cracked up and had to re-wind. Was the guy getting his, um, picture taken? I don’t see a photographer. I just can’t figure it out. [via BoingBoing]

Blame Ringo
If you like the song on the above video, blame Ringo. From the band’s MySpace page: “Blame Ringo are a band on a unique mission. They are using the power of song to blame Ringo Starr…for everything. Originally billed as ‘Goodnight Vienna,’ the band had to change its name in late 2007 after being threatened with legal action by a Richard Starkey Jr. [aka Ringo Starr]. Apparently ‘Goodnight Vienna’ was the name of Ringo’s fourth studio album and although he ‘thoroughly enjoyed the music,’ he was ‘obligated to dissuade any profiteering which resulted from the use of his intellectual property.’ ”

Outtakes from the Abbey Road photo shoot

10 privacy settings every Facebook user should know
Everyone on Facebook should set aside a little time to read this and follow the tips.

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