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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Top 5

“Walk Hard,” The Music Video
I watched Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story last week and thought it was hilarious. Most of all, I was impressed by the amazing songs, plus the fact that John C. Reilly actually sung them all! The title track is an incredibly catchy Johnny Cash-esque tune that’s been going through my head ever since.

Olympics photos from the Big Picture
I never watch the Olympics, but I often enjoy the great photo collections that emerge when you get hundreds of photographers together to cover a single event. [via Gary L.]

Want to know what this blog sounds like?
The Codeorgan parses the code of a given web page, removes and translates any characters that don’t correspond to musical notes, and assigns snythesizers and drum loops, making music of your code. [via Jason]

Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой
This one’s definitely for Olya. So she can translate the title above. And while the comments on YouTube usually just serve to prove the decline of civilization, I found these three funny: “Anybody know where I can get the lyrics?”, “From the great Russian songwriters strike...”, and “I want [to] punch this guy in the face so bad!” [via Jenny]

Stunningly good PSA
An original approach to road safety advertising from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

The weekly Thursday Top 5 lists the five most notable, interesting, funny, outrageous, cool, or simply strange things of the week. It is intended for distractionary purposes only. Do not take orally. If ingested, seek a doctor’s advice. If you like it, share it with others, or check out the long list of previous entries.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Top 5+1

Prop 8, the Musical
Gay marriage will save the economy. [via Aaron]

Design Coding
By the Poetic Prophet (aka the SEO Rapper). [via Ynnej]

“Atheism Song”
“Put away your fakeyism, here comes atheism.” Sung to Adam Sandler’s “Hannukah Song.” [via BoingBoing]

The Cartoon Network rickrolled the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
Video after the link, since there was no way to embed.

Augmented Reality
This interactive company figured out a way to insert a digital character into live video using a webcam, a small piece of paper, and Flash.

The original Indiana Jones
Otto Rahn and the temple of doom.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Top 5

Black balloons
Awesome spot from We Can Solve It.

European retailer HEMA put up this innovative site to, something. I don't speak Dutch. [thanks Jason]

Instructables: Harry Potter wands
Make your own with painted paper and hot glue.

Bill Scott
Former Yahoo Bill Scott (he's now with Netflix) gave this talk at CNET about a year ago, but I was glad to watch this video again for a refresh. If you're a web developer or user experience designer, it’s chock-full o’ really good things for for you to know. His personal website is very, very useful too, and if you're not already aware of and using the YUI Interface Library, it's a must-see.
Video presentation:

How to Enjoy Sushi
Now that I've watched this awesome instructional video, I'll be prepared to visit Japan!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday top 5

Conan O'Brien's commencement speech to the Havard Class of 2000
Freakin' comedy genius. I miss Conan. Sometimes I wish I had TV again.

Rebel Alliance or the Empire?
Vote for you favorite Star Wars stamp at USPS.

An site that interactively lets you see the respective scales of things, from the largest known thing to the smallest known thing, and lots of things in between.

"This American Life"
Animated segment by Chris Ware for the new "This American Life" Showtime TV show. Makes me want Showtime. So. Damn. Much.

Google Earth adds hiking trails


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday top 5

"Oh, Canadian FedEx lady" or, "why i got fired from apple computer" by Big Poppa E

Big Poppa E's follow-up video
"This should serve as a lesson to companies nowadays: Fuck over your employees, and they could strike back on YouTube and make you look really stupid."

Is multi-touch the future of UI?
You've seen it on the iPhone demos, and astute readers of this blog will remember Jeff Han's demo from when I posted it a while ago. However, this new demo takes it several steps further.

Interesting Flash interaction experiments
(props to David Delphenich for this link)

2007 Bloggies
Some well-deserved wins and some interesting blogs I've never seen before. Now all I need is about 43 free hours a week to read them all...

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