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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hey "New York's finest," don't forget: You work for us

On July 25 a New York City rookie cop assaulted a bicyclist participating in a Critical Mass ride. According to the New York Times, Officer Patrick Pogan has sworn a statement that the cyclist, Christopher Long, rode straight at him. Clearly, the video (seen below) shows another story. Meanwhile, Long has been charged with attempted assault of a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

This is why cops get a bad name. This is why people hate cops. The New York City Police Department needs a reality check. Perhaps forcibly making all officers learn the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights might help. Protest is not a crime. Bicycling is not a criminal activity. Assaulting a protester is a crime.

Hiring rookie cops who have anger management problems, gigantic chips on their shoulders, and the barest possible understanding of the concept of civil rights should be a crime, and the bureaucrats that do it should be put in jail.

Here's a second video that shows some of the tactics (and incompetence) of the NYPD in dealing with Critical Mass.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday top 5

Lions vs. water buffalo vs. crocodiles
This video made me emotional it's so incredible. You'll never guess who wins in the end.

Presidential candidate selector
This is based on a popular chart from, but a coworker of mine made it tons more useful. Hover over the left-hand column to select your position on the issues.

You go, Cepheis!
Holy crap. That's a big coupl'a stars ya got there.

To catch an iJacker
NBC's "Dateline" set out to see if it could track down a stolen iPod. They left out brand new iPods in places like shopping malls and on the dashboard of a convertible in Santa Monica, New Jersey, Las Vegas, and the the Bay Area. Using hidden cameras and the serial numbers from the lifted electronics, they tracked down some of the thieves. It's a long show, but if you watch all the segments, you'll get to the part where they start asking Apple why the company isn't doing more to help customers whose iPods get stolen.

Asperger Test
I'm an "Average male scientist." How geeky are you?

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