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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Velma's birthday weekend

We went to the coast for Velma's birthday last weekend. Velma turned 30 on Friday, so she took a Redwood Day* and we went for a hike in Butano State Park, down the coast near Pescadero.

We had booked our friends' families' beach house (pictured above) for the weekend to celebrate both our birthdays (mine's next week), and invited a handful of friends to join us. The weather on the coast was foggy, but a couple miles inland at Butano it was warm and clear, so we had a nice long walk on Friday and I took a lot of photos.

Velma and I had dinner at Duarte's Tavern (pronounced, for some reason, as "doo-artz") in Pescadero, where Velma had crab's legs and I had red snapper and chips/fries. The fries were rally good and the snapper was not bad, although what I really enjoyed was the half-and-half soup (not on the menu, you have to ask for it). It's half artichoke and half green chili, and it's a stupendous concoction.

We bought some supplies (locally made, natch) at the store across the street (downtown Pescadero consisting of two whole cross-streets) and headed back to the beach house.

The rest of the foggy weekend was spent catching up with friends we don't see very often, talking and joking, relaxing, reading books, taking lots of pictures outdoors, exploring tidepools, watching the surf and quail babies, and doing a somewhat difficult 500-piece puzzle (pictured on the table above) which Velma bought at Muir Woods the week before.

* Save the Redwoods League, where Velma works, gives employees two extra vacation days each year to go out and spend time in the redwoods.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday top 5

Conan O'Brien's commencement speech to the Havard Class of 2000
Freakin' comedy genius. I miss Conan. Sometimes I wish I had TV again.

Rebel Alliance or the Empire?
Vote for you favorite Star Wars stamp at USPS.

An site that interactively lets you see the respective scales of things, from the largest known thing to the smallest known thing, and lots of things in between.

"This American Life"
Animated segment by Chris Ware for the new "This American Life" Showtime TV show. Makes me want Showtime. So. Damn. Much.

Google Earth adds hiking trails


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