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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The “Whatever happened to...” project

MARCH 2009 UPDATE: I found a few more people in the past year.

APRIL 2008 UPDATE: Several people on the list below have contacted me as a result of this post. It works!

ORIGINAL POST: One loses track of many people in the course of one’s life. People get off at this stop, miss the train at another. The train of life chugs on.

Did you ever wonder whatever happened to those people? The ones who influenced you in some minor way. Or perhaps in a very significant way.

I admit it. I’ve Googled the names of one or two old girlfriends. C’mon who hasn’t? I’ve looked up old friends, teachers, people I used to work with. I’ve even Google people from the seventh grade, fercryinoutloud.

At some point a few years ago, I tried finding a few people who were influential in my life, but whom I’d lost touch with long ago.

It’s amazing that it’s so hard to locate some people with Google. You’d think they’re names would come up somewhere...

Alas, I only had decent luck with a few, and then quickly got distracted by the 237 other things that occupy my so-called free time. In fact, I started this list and this blog post 14 months ago, and I’m only getting around to posting it now.

The plan
Operating under the assumption that everyone will eventually Google themselves, I’m posting the names of people whom I’ve lost touch with and wondered about. Since Google will index this page eventually, I hope they will see their name in Google, with a link to this page.

The list
The names are in no particular order. I’ll probably add to it over time. I’ll also update this page when I find out whatever happened to any of these people.

If you know any of these people (or maybe are one of these people), I’d really like to hear from you.

Mark Bult

Jim Filiault FOUND
Sean English
Ashley Mooser [K. Ashley Mooser] FOUND (now Ashley Spencer)
Brian J. Boxall
Rocky Mullin FOUND via Yahoo! Groups, Facebook
Stephanie Jorgl FOUND
Shelley Hurt? Hunt? (I can’t remember) (from La Voz... “You’re loved, pumpkin!”)
Mike Mogensen (City of Palo Alto Recreation) FOUND, but no response from email
Michelle Spivey
Danielle Malanczuk
Darren & Andrew ____ (have to look up their last name)
Ki Hong (from 777 S. Mathilda, Sunnyvale, CA, circa 1980?)
Laurie Parker (from Saint Andrews, circa 1975)
Paul F. Page (journalism teacher, Saratoga High School, circa 1988)
Kristi Rux FOUND when a friend Googled her
Tami Paulsen FOUND
Carlo Carbajal FOUND
Ed Svoboda
Corina Doody
Sharon Fernekees FOUND
Karen Fernekees FOUND
Julie Fernekees FOUND

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