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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Missive from Novosibirsk

"...So far, everything with the visa is okay, but not completed. Based on new regulations (as of May 20th) I have to register my visa in my place of residence, not in Moscow. And that makes things a bit sketchy because I'm travelling on a visa that's unregisterd, when the law says it must be registered within three days of coming to russia. Also, I have to pull a bunch of shit out of my ass about how I'm employed by a tourist agency, and will be working in Biisk, and therefore need to be registered there. All this visa business is half legal, I have found out. And I am not good at lying much, especially about things like this..."

"...This internet time is a bit expensive so I'm outta' here. I love you much! Send everyone a hello (Jenny, Peter, Will, etc),
kisses kisses, hugs hugs! :) "



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