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Monday, July 05, 2004

Moss and Knoxville enjoy gig -- and kisses

Sorry, Ynnej, looks like your favorite Jackass likes the ultra-skinny girlies. From the Daily Dish:

"Supermodel Kate Moss was spotted kissing 'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville at a London gig on Thursday night.

The British beauty, 30, was seen 'all over' Knoxville at a private concert featuring Shane MacGowan and Nick Cave at the Boogaloo in north London -- just days after she split with actor Daniel Craig.

A source tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, 'The idea was for Shane to showcase his latest singles and other material for close friends.

'Kate brought Johnny along probably thinking she'd be safe there away from prying eyes.

'She spent the whole evening all over Johnny in the corner. They were (kissing) in full view of the other guests.

'It was quite shocking to see because everyone knows she's only just split from Daniel.'

Another onlooker adds, 'She's a single girl having a good time. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a kiss with a good-looking man.' "


Blogger ynnej said...

1. Everybody likes the ultra-skinny girlies.
2. He's not my favorite, silly.

7/05/2004 10:47:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Everybody likes the ultra-skinny girlies."

Not true. Most of them make me want to inject them with a milkshake IV for their own good. -w

7/06/2004 08:05:00 AM

Blogger ynnej said...

Milkshake you say?

7/06/2004 02:26:00 PM

Blogger monocle_man said...

Man, I need to stop surfing the web while I eat.

Time to cook another dinner to replace the one I just lost...

7/06/2004 06:21:00 PM

Blogger ynnej said...

(In case you're wondering why I'm commenting so damn much, I've got 20 minutes to kill before Sex in the City starts and I don't feel like polluting my lj with this kind of crap. And hey, this one's kinda on-topic!)

It just occurred to me that since you don't check my lj on a friends page, you wouldn't have seen the new icon I made last night:

How gay is it that blogger doesn't let me use an image tag in a comment? EXTREMELY fucking gay.Is there a way to go frame-by-frame in VLC? I spent forever in slow-mode trying to get the screenshots just right, and it still sucks. Anyway, let me know.

7/06/2004 06:45:00 PM

Blogger espd said...

No, there's no way to go frame-by-frame in VLC, as far as I know. I've tried too.

However, maybe Monocle Man knows of a better player that will play and allow screenshots of DVDs?

7/07/2004 02:16:00 PM

Blogger monocle_man said...

No, I don't do much video editing. If you want to lift audio off your DVDs, or hack your region code, I can help. Video stuff is beyond me.

7/07/2004 03:04:00 PM


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