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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


So I'm back from an eventful road trip, but I'm so burnt that I simply don't have the oomph necessary for posting anything about my journeys.

I'll get around to it in the next few days, but for now here are a few more photos from the places I've been in the past week and a half...

Stinson Beach

Diane and Jonathan's wedding


Over the Sierra

Black Rock Desert

Burning Man

Mono Lake motel



Anonymous Anonymous said...

your pictures make me happy

9/09/2004 12:36:00 PM

Blogger ynnej said...

When you say you're burnt, you mean sunburnt, right? Or did the Burning Man folks decide that it'd be more fun to burn you than the Man?

9/09/2004 02:17:00 PM


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