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Friday, January 07, 2005

Rainbow-colored bookshelves

Adobe Books has allowed it's books to be rearranged by color by a Bay Area artist named Chris Cobb.

Adobe Books is one of my regular stops in my neighborhood. It's on 16th Street, between Guerrero and Valencia, and near enough to one of my favorite takeout places that I can stop in there while my food order's coming.

I learned about the impending color-coding a few weeks before it happened. Several of the bookstore's employees were less than enthusiastic about the impending exercise, and one in particular grumbled audibly about it on more than one occasion when I was browsing the pre-reorganized shelves.

A couple weeks after the change, the Adobe was the buzz of the town. There was a busy opening night (I've never seen so many people in that little store), the press were calling (I saw it on SFGate/the Chronicle, and heard it on NPR), and people have been coming in droves (well, not quite droves, but some other word that means more than normal amounts) to see and browse. And hopefully they'll buy a book or two.

The employees haven't seemed nearly as angsty about the whole affair since it meant so many new patrons, and the colorful run has been held over a number of extra weeks. As of this posting, it's still there, or at least was last night. But it won't last! Check it out soon.

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