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Friday, February 25, 2005

Weekend plans

In no particular order.

1. Visit my dad and help him move stuff
2. Cicero's with dad and Velma
3. La Fondue with Olyapinenutcase
4. Take photos of yarns for the website I'm designing for Velma's dad
5. Take some hot naked photos of the cute redhead
6. Lots of butt grabbing and breast holding
7. Menlo Park farmer's market
8. Try to track Jason down and give him one of his gifts, and see if the other one ever arrived
9. Decide whether to buy The Art of Modern Rock before the price increases on Monday
10. Buy the Judi Bari book
11. See if I have enough time to get Dave his Queensr´┐Żche T-shirt
12. Get some backup hardware or at least DVDs at Fry's

Crap, that's a lot more I have to do this weekend than I thought.


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