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Saturday, May 29, 2004

So here we are at DorkFest 2004

Okay, so it was my idea to come. But I was being a good and loyal fan of my favorite author.

Jenny's shirt is a hit. She made me write that. She twisted my arm until it hurt. Okay, that isn't really true. But let me show you why it's a hit (see photo).

Reflections on DorkFest (a.k.a. BayCon): Jenny and I both agree that this is a surprisingly and amazingly PC community, for a genre that places a lot value on scantily clad women (see the art exhibit). Examples: The fact that a character noticed that a woman standing in front of him had a well-muscled back was "sexist." Ah huh. And that a billboard that another panelist passed on the way to the con was hawking beer with a stereotypical scene portraying a scantily clad woman dancing in front of a man, with the line "Dancing is a spectator sport." Surprising? Isn't dancing a spectator sport? It is for me. I don't dance. I laugh.

Mark's non-PC reflection: There is a predominance of people here with really terrible hair and very large asses/hips. And kilts. What's up with that?

Jenny pointed out that we are among the more attractive people in attendance. This should strike everyone who's seen me as something of a larf. That's why the photo is of Jenny, not me :)

Jenny is a larf too. She made me write that.

Next on the agenda, after food, is 13 hours of anime. Um, that's not gonna last. Er, at least, I'm not gonna. Will they have couches? That would rock. Of course, then I would sleep through most of it.

Okay, wish us luck...


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