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Friday, July 09, 2004

For this retort, Ynnej got +10 hit points

Just a little story to prove that word Nazism goes both ways. [Not meant to infer that it�s bisexual.]

So Ynnej and I were having a normal conversation yesterday in Togo�s (and by normal I do indeed mean that it was probably making all the people around us either embarrassed or afraid), and I again used a normal phrase that has been accepted as long as I've been alive (and undoubtedly longer), and which much more recently has fallen into some disarray and has been used by some people with one or two of the words left out, but still presumably having the same meaning. In this case -- and the phrase in question really isn't important to the actual point of this story, which I acknowledge is getting ever further away at this point in the narrative -- *ahem*, in this case, both uses have become so prevalent and are already so nearly identical as to be essentially the same thing, so it really doesn't matter to me which one people use, and actually I myself have said the phrase both ways. It doesn't make a difference in this case.

So, the Point: Jenny actually took me to task this time for using the phrase in a way that she thought was wrong. She then proceeded to berate me. You know, in her good-natured way, which almost never includes heavy use of the word "bitch."

Having a thick skin, none of this, of course, bothered me. Like water off a duck's back. I simply and calmly explained that the phrase meant the same thing both ways, and the way I said it was around a lot longer than the newer usage -- the way she thought it was supposed to be said.

me: "Look, I just remember the way the language was 20 years ago, before it was adulterated by the likes of you."

Ynnej (not missing a beat): "Don't you mean 'ye'?"


Blogger ynnej said...

1. "and the phrase in question really isn't important to the actual point of this story" -- Do you even remember what the fuck it was? I don't.

2. you left out the part where you stood up and made me turn bright red by actually bowing.

7/09/2004 04:10:00 PM


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