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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Well, thanks a lot PG&E

Due to a billing error, PG&E failed to bill me for the gas portion of my energy bill for the past year. Of course, they didn't bother to send me a letter apologizing for the oversight and explaining how lame they are for such a mistake.

No, they just sent me a bill for $500.71 with no explanation whatsoever.

Well, luckily the karma was smiling on me today for a change (normally I get the most moronic ESL failures when I call any company's customer service center), and I got the lovely and telented Monica, who took pity on me and I think felt sorry that her employer was lame enough to just sent me a bill with no explanation, and she kindly arranged for the bill to be paid off in 12 months (actually, it's PG&E's policy when it's their mistake, but I could tell she was pitying me).

Anyway, it increases my energy bill by about 2/5 every month. Dammit.

I can't believe a fucking pilot light consumes $17.92 in gas each month. I'm so shutting off the pilot.


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