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Sunday, May 30, 2004

BayCon redux

cosplayers = *shudder*

Yeah, there were Klingons, there was the blue opera singer from "The Fifth Element," and there was even a really good Samwise (who, interestingly, was a woman). But nothing compares to the proof positive -- seen here on the Internet for the very first time -- of why Vikings kick ass over pirates any day of the week.

Yes, Ynnej and I survived BayCon, in all its dorkiness (it was nearly unberable by the time the masquerade ball rolled around), and my only real regret was that I dropped Ynnej's last piece of sushi, which I still feel bad about. Ynnej's only regret, aside from the fact that she said "okay" when I asked "can I try a bite of that egg sushi?" was that she didn't get sweaty with Viking David.


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