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Friday, January 14, 2005

Protesters call for Apple to clean up its iWaste

Here's a little news to prove to Mr. Attitude that I'm not just a trumpet for Apple's successes.

Environmental activists engaged in demonstrations outside of the company's Cupertino headquarters and at MacWorld this week, calling on Apple to become a leader in electronics recycling and to reverse its habit of lobbying against legislation that would enact "shared responsibility" solutions whereby manufacturers would be held partly responsible for the end-of-lifecycle recycling and/or disposal of their products.

"I think their image is very much at odds with reality," said Robin Schneider, executive director of the Austin-based Texas Campaign for the Environment. Schneider said the company didn't respond to yesterday's protest or to a letter she delivered to it asking it to improve its environmental programs. [from E-Commerce Times]

"We need to get more big-name companies on our side, and Apple should be a leader, not a laggard,'' said Ted Smith, director of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. [from]

Yes, it's true. Apple could (and should!) be a lot better in this realm of corporate citizenship.

To learn more or to write a letter to Steve Jobs, visit the Computer Take Back Campaign website,


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