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Friday, January 14, 2005

The week

It's been a full week.

Ynnej and Stellah and I went to MacWorld on Wednesday to fondle all the new iGoods. Stellah bowed out early, and actually Ynnej and I didn't really stay that long either. It was kind of liberating to not have to peruse all the little developers' booths on the off chance that I might sometime need their products for some cheap nonprofit (no names here) that either A) isn't capable of using the more expensive but ultimately better product, or B) isn't technologically adept enough to know that they occasionally need to purchase software and hardware to keep their operations going.

So Ynnej and I went back to CNET for an hour and a half so I could get some more work done before heading to my place to ingest alcoholic beverages late into the night with Hunter. But first we went around the corner from CNET to We Fix Macs, where FastMac was hosting a post-MW party. We earned our entry -- and therefore our on-tap beer and finger food -- by listening very politely to the FastMac woman's pitch for about 15 minutes. For the rest of the night, Ynnej couldn't stop saying how absurd it was that she was served a beer at this party without anyone batting an eye, and yet can't buy a six-pack at the liquor store.

So we met up with Hunter, who's leaving for Mexico for three months, which means that I will once again have to endure the endless sobbing of my favorite Slacktress, who will assuredly spend nine-tenths of the time we hang out together complaining about how she's not getting laid.

We got way too drunk. Goddamn Jack. Anyhow, this state of being didn't prevent Hunter and I from having a long conversation about society, mores, revolution, violence, randomness, the responsibilities of being an American and having children, libertarianism, murder, capitol punishment, philosophy, binary, and probably a bunch of other shit I forgot, while he smoked the longest single bowl in history. Hunter's the best damn thing that's happened to Ynnej in a long time, and I really, really like him. And hey, he's hot too.

Ynnej and Hunter crashed at my house, because of course we're all too responsible to drive in such a condition, and I'm only sorry that the air mattress had a hole in it. Anyone know if you can patch an air mattress with a bike repair kit?

Last night the midget Russian came up to unload the last three weeks' worth of life drama on me, so of course we had to go drinking. I finally, finally got to go to a bar in my own neighborhood! For crying out loud, I've been living there for over three months!

So we got plastered and probably talked way too loud in the bar about how hot this person was or that person was, and she kept preventing me from pointing at the hot people. Yeah, like everybody couldn't hear us already.

Best quote of the night (although I can only vaguely remember what it was about): "Fish and boobies -- awesome, awesome!" By which Olya meant, "Being in the Galapagos, counting boobies (the bird kind) would be coolness."

To address Olya's insistence that she get a steak before the night was out, we went out looking for something that was still open at about 10:30. I was skeptical, but luckily the first person we asked told us about Sparky's, an all-night diner up at Church and Market. So we headed up there to search for it. Hooray for breakfast at 11pm! And steak. And a big sundae. And an even bigger tip for the waitress who put up with our drunken asses.

I had lunch today with Ira L. Black, photographer (see image) and all-around good guy, who was part of my camp at BM04. We went for Indian across the street, and talked about the wonderful ladies in our lives. Oh, and also talked a little about photography and geek stuff. But mostly about the babes and how awesome they are.

So this weekend I'll be in Pescadero saying goodbye to Andi and Josie, who are moving to Wisconsin. Or is it Wyoming? Aw, what's the difference.


Blogger ynnej said...

"Ynnej couldn't stop saying how absurd it was that she was served a beer at this party without anyone batting an eye, and yet can't buy a six-pack at the liquor store."

...and now, Hunter can't stop talking about how whatever it was that you said to him Wednesday night was the best compliment he's ever received.

Waaaah! Wahhh! Livejournal's down! And here I am, with only an hour and 14 minutes until this stupid paper is due, and I have no online outlet for complaining. Well, yes, I do, so...don't delete this. I'd post it on my own damn blog if I could.

Insight of the day: You know an essay's gonna be good if one of the sections of the outline is labeled "TOTAL BULLSHIT".

1/14/2005 09:47:00 PM

Blogger ynnej said...

P.S. You left out the part where you puked all over your bathroom floor.

1/14/2005 09:49:00 PM


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